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Insession Signing - Integrate E-Signatures into your Existing Portal

Sertifi API
posted this on October 25, 2010 12:09

In-Session signing enables customers to embed or display signature ready documents directly into existing web sites or while users are completing online applications on existing websites. In-Session Signing supports interactive forms, static and dynamic document presentation.

To set-up a signature request and retrieve the link to present to the user Insession here is a sample of methods to call:

1.  CreateSignatureRequest (This creates a folder in the Sertifi System and associates signers to the folder).

2.  AddDocumentToRequest (Attaches the documents requiring signature to the folder)  or AddPrepopulatedPdfToRequest (Here you will pass an ID for a template stored in your document library and can also pass data to populate the template if required).

3.  GetLink (By passing the parameter FileSigningPageLink or SigningPageLink this will provide your application with a link to the signature ready document to present Insession.  Here you can alert the system that you will federate identity (meaning you have already done validation) or for the Sertifi application to validate the users email address by sending an email asking the signer to confirm their email address).

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